Bsm Leadership Team

We believe leadership is a high calling and one that is worth investing in. As a leader, you have the power to influence others' attitudes and actions, set standards, and develop the culture around you. This is a gift and privilege that God grants us!

The BSM Team exists to involve and train a team of students and young adults in both the planning and execution of the ministry of the Kingdom. Leaders have a set of requirements as well as responsibilities to follow throughout the year. Whether you're a current student attending our ministry or an adult within our church family, we would love to give you the opportunity to grow as a leader and serve the next generation! 

Before joining the team, we want to make sure you:

-Have a personal, growing relationship with God.

-Are willing to share ownership & responsibility for Bsm, contributing ideas & suggestions.

-Are enthusiastic and support events, services, and activities.

-Are committed & connected not only to Bsm, but Breezewood Church.

-Demonstrate a willingness to learn & grow in your spiritual walk.

-Develop a relationship with a spiritual leader for your own personal discipleship.

-Come to scheduled leadership meetings.

-Look for needs to meet & ways to serve.

-Be intentional about connecting with students at events & services.

-Meet early for prayer on Wednesday nights @ 6:00pm & pray daily for the ministry.

-Be willing to sign-up for X-watch, an online device accountability program.

Take the time to read through each of these. Pray through them and if you feel ready to commit to being a part of the team, print out an application below and return it to Pastor Zach or Jill!

Our Leadership Program is made up of three Teams

Student Leaders

(In school & learning to serve)

Team Leaders

(Out of school &

serving where needed) 

Senior Leaders

(Out of school &

serving in every capacity)