I am so thankful for Release. From the first time we came to church, we were welcomed with open arms. It was a great change for my sister and I. We knew about God, but we never had a relationship with Him.  Leaders prayed with me a lot over this weekend and I honestly feel changed. I prayed with two girls one night like I never have before. It was a life changing experience because I just felt like I knew what to say. I felt like God was guiding me. I now know I have a secure relationship with God. I know it may not be easy, but I'm ready to sacrifice so much for Him!

- 9th Grade Student

At Release, God took me to a deeper place and since then sin has just seemed immature. Before Release I was praying that God would touch the Jacobs who have been wrestling with Him... I believe that I was unaware that I was praying that over myself!

- College Freshman

At Release I got set free. I would date boys without my mom knowing and I let that go this weekend. I was also released from the little lie in my head that I wasn't good
enough or pretty enough for anyone ... I'm so thankful!

- 7th Grade Student

Release was absolutely amazing! At the start of the weekend, I came with a lot of baggage and alot on my mind. But being in the presence of God, worshipping and fellowshipping with all my friends made me feel so much better. Worship without walls was one of the greatest experiences I've witnessed. The Spirit of God really entered the room and took over. One of my friends, spoke a word to me that I really needed to hear that had me broken down on the floor. By the end of the week, I felt so much lighter in spirit and in mind. I feel very ready to take on college!

- College Freshman